Name.remal.configuration extensions

Plugin class: name.remal.gradle_plugins.plugins.dependencies.ConfigurationExtensionsPlugin

plugins {
    id 'name.remal.configuration-extensions' version '1.5.0'
plugins {
    id("name.remal.configuration-extensions") version "1.5.0"


This plugin adds some useful extension methods to all configurations.


excludeLogging() - excludes logging dependencies:
  • org.slf4j:*
  • ch.qos.logback:*
  • org.apache.logging.log4j:*
  • log4j:*
  • commons-logging:*
  • org.springframework:spring-jcl


create*ClassLoader() - creates URLClassLoader for the configuration's files

There are 3 methods:

  • createClassLoader() - creates usual class loader that loads classes from the parent first and only then from itself
  • createThisOnlyClassLoader() - creates a class loader that loads classes only from itself and not from the parent
  • createThisFirstClassLoader() - creates a class loader that loads classes from itself first and only then from the parent

"The parent class loader" is a class loader that Gradle uses for the current build.

Logging classes are always loaded from the current Gradle build (parent) class loader.

These methods return URLClassLoader, so don't forget to close it.