Plugin class: name.remal.gradle_plugins.plugins.dependencies.DependencyVersionsPlugin

plugins {
    id 'name.remal.dependency-versions' version '1.5.0'
plugins {
    id("name.remal.dependency-versions") version "1.5.0"


This plugin creates 'dependencyVersions' extension of type DependencyVersionsExtension.

The plugin applies substitute, deny and reject rules from Nebula Gradle Resolution Rules.

Also it configures preferring dynamic first-level dependencies without invalid version tokens.



Property Type Description
rejectVersions MutableSet<String> If a dependency version matches at least one pattern in this set, this version will be rejected regardless values in allowAllVersionsFor set.
allowAllVersionsFor MutableSet<String> Dependency notation patterns to allow all versions (without invalid tokens check).
invalidVersionTokens MutableSet<String> If a version has one of these tokens then the version will be skipped. Default value: alpha, a, beta, b, rc, cr, ea, milestone, m, redhat, pr, dev, snapshot.
Method Description
void rejectVersions(String notation) Adds notationPattern to rejectVersions.
void rejectVersions(String... notationPatterns) Adds notationPatterns to rejectVersions.
void allowAllVersionsFor(String notation) Adds notationPattern to allowAllVersionsFor.
void allowAllVersionsFor(String... notationPatterns) Adds notationPatterns to allowAllVersionsFor.
void invalidVersionToken(String token) Adds token to invalidVersionTokens.
void invalidVersionToken(String... tokens) Adds tokens to invalidVersionTokens.
String? getFirstInvalidToken(String version) Returns the first invalid version token that the version contains. Returns null is the version doesn't contain and invalid version token.
String resolveLatestVersion(String notation) Returns the latest version of dependency defined by the notation. Versions that contain invalid version tokens are excluded.
List<String> resolveAllVersions(String notation) Returns all versions of dependency defined by the notation. Versions that contain invalid version tokens are excluded.